Job details may vary since some require call center

Ten Great Job Options for 2

Jobs and Hiring Trends

These jobs for 2 year degrees are based on their industries strong showings. Health and medical care jobs, accounting and computer technology occupations, and the educational sector emerged as those least affected by unemployment in the trend of job loss statistics.

Find out if any of these well paying jobs suit you or match your interests in life, and then take up a two year college course. It could be an associate program for an undergraduate bachelor’s degree or technical course work headed to some engineering or science degree.

However, be sure to check out the educational institution full accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), in case you will be taking your 2 year study at independent colleges or schools. Do this by locating the school’s accreditation status in the ACICS Member Directory. This particular step is important in order to get credits for the college subjects that you intend to study.

Have a headstart early on by knowing the nature of the job in order to get a clear picture of what it requires. Today hiring trend is not just a matter of filling a vacant post. Employers hire those who have a definite goal and purpose because the aspirant has the potential to provide meaningful work that would lay the foundation for a long term plan.

Jobs in Medical Health Care Industries

A medical sonographer is a key member of a health care team because his main task is to create and interpret images from inside the human body, using high tech instrumentation. His images are used by physicians in making their medical diagnoses.

## ## His human skills are essential for providing one on one care to patients who may be simply undergoing routine check ups (as in pregnancy) or those who have been diagnosed as critically ill. Due to the complexity of his job, he or she must have a life long commitment for learning. A medical sonographer has to keep his knowledge and expertise abreast with the current developments in the medical field.

National Pay Data for Hourly Salary Rates: $22.52 $31.96

Two Year College Course Options:

(1) Associate of Applied Science (AAS) (2) Associate of Science (AS)

This job requires basic computer knowledge, skills in configuring and troubleshooting errors, plus knowledge of slow computers, viruses, printer set up and computer networking. Repair jobs may include computer specific hard drives and different operating systems. Job details may vary since some require call center experience, while others need those with an added ability to demonstrate the features of the products in showrooms or trade exhibit expositions.

National Pay Data for Hourly Salary Rates: $10.06 $16.08

2 Year College Course Options:

(1) AAS (2) Associate of Science (3) Associate Degree Computer Science and (3) Computer Information Systems (CIS)

(1) Computer Services $10.41 $15.95

(2) Computer Repair and Maintenance $8.95 $13.59

(3) Computer Hardware/Software $10.42 $16.01

(4) Retail Consumer Electronics $9.76 $14.87

A daycare teacher is in charge of planning the activities of a daycare class in accordance with curriculum objectives. Human skills are necessary to meet the emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs of each child. Other tasks include preparation of plan charts, coordinating field trips, individually assessing the children development, and informing the parents of their child progress.

National Pay Data for Hourly Salary Rates: $8.14 $11.02

2 Year College Course Options:

1) Associate of Arts (AA) or (2) Early Childhood Education (ECE) (3) Child Development Associate Degree (CDA)

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